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More normal than I realized…

I sometimes get to thinking that things are so out of whack and they are worse now than they were years ago. But then I read the Bible and I realize that things really haven;t changed very much.

I am reading the Bible cover to cover this year and of course I am in Genesis. This morning I read where God appeared to Abraham through angels and said at 90 years Sarah is going to have a baby. In the story, Sarah laughs and who wouldn’t at 90 years old. I am 45 years old and my youngest is 19 months old and I cannot imagine having an infant at 90 or 100, whew.

Anyway, Sarah lied and said no I didn’t laugh when God said I was going to have a baby. Did too, and so would you!

Here is what made me realize things haven’t changed, just the year. Right after Abraham and Sarah find out they are going to have a baby at such an old age (not so old in God’s calendar) they immediately turn to the issue of Sodom. Do you get it, Abraham, you’re going to have a child, see ya. Oh yeah, as you are seeing us out-of-town, God is going to destroy Sodom and all of its people.

Wait a minute, I thought it was an issue of 2011 that we go from one high moment (stressful moment) immediately to the next. Things really haven’t changed very much.

Think about it…



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