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Living in the “Safe Bubble”

I run into this issue a lot. People want to be safe, secure, out of the reach of harm. Well to be honest I like to be in these places as well, however most world changers are people who get outside the bubble and take risk.

God never said he would keep us from the world but rather he will keep us in the world. As I look back in life and the risks I have taken, they have been worth it. They have been life changing for myself and others and they have not always been without pain.

I think of the risk I took when I adopted Michael as a single dad. So many people (Christian people) criticized me and said that I had no business as a single man, adopting a teenage boy. People told me how dangerous it was to bring in a young man who I didn’t have much of a history on and take the risk that he would make it. Ten years later I have a daughter in-law and two AWESOME grandchildren and the most AWESOME son. Has it all been easy, NO. Has it been worth it, YES. Has it changed my life and Michael’s life, YES.

This is just one example, and it is a good one because it has been so successful. I could share some stories with you where I have not been so successful but my point is, we are here to make a difference and not to be safe. People who care only for their own and never take a risk to help others, never accomplish very much.



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  1. Often times, whether we are a failure or a success at attempting to get outside our comfort zone is a matter of our attitude toward the situation itself. We can focus on what is good or we can be miserable and focus on what is not good.
    Well said, Ronnie.

    Comment by Lydia Leftwich | January 6, 2011 | Reply

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