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Tobacco company ordered to pay $71 Million

USA Today reports that Lorillard Tobacco has been ordered to pay $71 million dollars to the estate of a woman who it is said was given cigarettes and encouraged to smoke as a youth. This woman died of lung cancer after smoking 40 years.

Now, let me make it clear that I am sorry for this woman and her family. I feel bad for anyone who experiences sickness or disease. However, what in the world has this world and our legal system come to.

I know people who are addicted to alcohol, pornography, tobacco, sports, etc…

I know of people whose lives have been wrecked, destroyed, by alcohol. Those who themselves addicted and those who have had family members killed by drunk drivers. Why are people not suing the people who produce the alcohol? Why are people not suing the porn industry.

Anything that becomes addictive can be harmful. Soda, food, too much milk.

What will you be sued for in the future???



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  1. They did sue the tobacco company. I wish people would sue the breweries.

    Comment by Teresa Powell | December 15, 2010 | Reply

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