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Book Review: Jesus Loves You this I know

I don’t even remember why I picked this book up but something caught my eye and it never fails that I end up reading in the area where I am preparing sermons. Written by Craig Gross and Jason Harper, Craig is the founder of XXX-Church and the Strip Church.

I picked the book up and read a paragraph in my office this week and I couldn’t put it down.

In the past few days I have talked with multiple people who have confided in me that they are either having addiction problems with pornography or someone they know is struggling. Pornography is not all this book is about but it is one chapter of the book, “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. That statement makes a lot of religious people mad! To be hones ten years ago it would have made me mad.

The book is to stress that Jesus loves every person and that every person has value. We have to get outside our comfort zones and be Jesus to the world.

This book will stretch you and make you realize where you have come up terribly short when it comes to loving people as Jesus does or you will simply put it down and call Craig and Jason crazy for what they are doing.

In todays world, this is just what we need. I believe Jesus loves like these guys explain in the book.


1. Jesus loves the Bitter and Betrayed

2. Jesus loves the Disconnected

3. Jesus loves the Broken

4. Jesus loves the Forgotten

5. Jesus loves the Skeptic

6. Jesus loves the Glutton

7. Jesus loves the Crook

8. Jesus loves the Outcast

9. Jesus loves the Porn Star

10. Jesus loves the Religious



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